Kicking out Girls on International Women’s Day

Here’s the link to a story about a Girls On The Run (GOTR) club that has to stop using the school they’ve been meeting at in the afternoons for the last 14 years. Obviously, there must have been some change in the district. A new afternoon activity that requires the same space at the same time that will help more girls than GOTR. Or maybe there’s been a new policy put in place that prohibits non-District sponsored programs. State law maybe? County health guidelines? Or, the ever popular, “liability” cover-all? Nope. This one boils down simply to the fact that we have lost the ability in this country to look at someone and say, “Yes, you make a valid point. However, they were here first, they’ve caused no problems, and we have a standing agreement with them.” That’s right, some fuckin’ jackass “challenged GOTR having preferential status” by allowing them to use buildings indoors at the district. So, naturally, the district’s lawyers got on board and said, “Yep, we never gave this other group who didn’t ask 14 years ago a chance to vie for a space that they didn’t know existed. Therefore, nobody can use the space.” Come on, this is what we do as parents when we’re exhausted with our kids fighting. “If you can’t share, I’ll take it away and neither of you can have it!”

So, yeah, now I’m a little riled up because, frankly, here we fucking go again. Let’s rail against the president and state lawmakers about every decision they make that may or may not affect our actual daily lives, but when something happens in our own backyard, we don’t have the courage to look at our neighbor and say, “Frank, I brought you a couple of beers, because I like you and I want to discuss this GOTR thing. You gotta let it go. This isn’t about you. It’s about 350 girls and a club that causes exactly zero trouble to anyone. They asked for something two president’s ago and got it. Let’s find a place for your group to go that doesn’t involve throwing these girls under the bus.”

Or better yet, how about one lawyer, just ONE lawyer grow a set of balls and say, “Sorry. We’re out of room. We’ll be happy to let you know when a spot opens up, but until then, bug off.” A challenge to preferential status? Kiss my ass. It wasn’t preferential 14 years ago, they were just there first.

I swear to all that is holy that we have gone so far astray from simple common sense and decency that it frightens me. These people are highly educated and in charge of educating the next generation, but there response is to just fold up. I’m all for progress in most every area, but there are some concrete examples where we have lost every last ounce of courage to take a stand.

This is one of those times.

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