Bathrooms? Really?

Let’s start with the idea of transgender bathroom laws. First of all, what the literal fuck? Are we really wasting energy and time on this bullshit. If you think you’re a dude and you wanna use the men’s bathroom, good for you. Who the fuck cares? How does it affect anyone else? And I don’t care what you look like, it doesn’t matter. If you look like a man and go into a men’s room, why would anyone think you were anything other than that? To quote Sean Connery in The Untouchables, “Why would one claim to be that which he is not?” or something like that. And let’s try the alternative…a person who looks like a guy – you know, facial hair, no noticeable breast development, etc. – walks into a woman’s bathroom and while women are naturally uncomfortable, the seeming man says, “Sorry but I was born a woman so this is the bathroom I’m legally obligated to use.” So instead of just going into a men’s room where there would be no reason for anyone to question the situation, we’ve created an incident/awkwardness when none needed to exist. This is the very definition of government run amok. Stay the hell out of people’s individual liberties.

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